Thirty Year Old Girl

never grow up

Welcome to my site: the place where I muse on life as single thirty year old girl (I use this term deliberately), love as a depressive perennial self doubter and my big loves: travel, film and languages.

I’ve chosen to blog anonymously as that way I can be more open and honest with you in terms of my feelings and experiences.

To help you navigate more easily, I have divided the blog posts into the following categories:

Travel in all its forms

Film in all its forms

Me in all its forms

Language in all its forms

Life and other distractions

I hope you enjoy my musings whether they inspire, amuse or resonate with you. Whatever their impact, I’d love to hear from you and use this big world wide web to connect with people from around the world. So do leave a comment below a post, or alternatively leave a message in the contact box below. You can also subscribe to my blog and follow me on twitter @thirtyyroldgirl 

 Let’s be in touch!

Love the Thirty Year Old Girl (a.k.a Petra Pan!)



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