Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat

“It’s a bizarre but wonderful feeling, to arrive dead center of a target you didn’t even know you were aiming for.”
Lois McMaster Bujold

These days so much in life seems to be judged based on how much you already know, what skills you already possess and I think that’s wrong. It’s precisely for that reason I love travel: nothing is a pre-requisite. Like so many others who’ve uttered the phrase before me I believe it’s not about where you’ve come from, from it’s about where you’re going and it doesn’t always matter if you’re not entirely sure where that is. (Columbus thought he’d discovered India, after all, not the Americas). Sure the uncertainty can be a tad daunting at times but the beauty in discovery lies precisely in the not knowing. All great discoveries are the same. They begin with curiosity not concrete certainty; questions, not answers. Questions like what’s down there?, why is everyone heading in that direction? and what’ll happen to me if I eat this?

Curiosity is the hallmark of a true traveller. Someone who is unafraid to ditch the map, ignore the itinerary and lose themselves in the never-ending joy that is simply seeing where the road will take you. You see, most people, incorrectly assume that they choose their destination, but, in many ways it is the destination that chooses you. How often have you ventured off down a path that was not signposted, or a route that was not cited in some travel guide, but rather just let your natural curiosity guide you down a different path, drag you to a different stall or through a different door? And when you followed that path, went to that stall, or entered that door, how many times did it feel like you’d stumbled across exactly where you were meant to be the whole time?


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