The joys of swearing in English

If there is one thing the English language seems to have given to the non-native English speakers of the world (regardless of their level of proficiency) is the ability to swear satisfactorily in another language. Fuck, it seems, is the ubiquitous word in many countries, for any situation in which things haven’t quite worked out as planned and you’re not immediately sure what to do about it. They choose fuck over any local equivalent, not because one does not exist, but rather that it serves to more adequately and accurately sum up their precise feelings at that particular moment. Nice to think then, that in their moment of need, our language, my language, offers non natives at least the comfort of being able to accurately express the frustration being felt, which in some ways may actually lessen the overall level of frustration. Far from being vulgar, I find this quite charming in its own way.


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