English undercover

With blanket English surround sound in my ears and English language reading stimuli in front of my eyes, the danger of accidentally slipping out a native English squeak, and blowing my cover, heightened. But it was exactly this kind of danger I enjoyed.

With three hours to spend in Brussels and little idea of how to spend it I felt remarkably relaxed. I could do this. I could get by in almost any city in the world. This is what I could do, can do employers, I felt like screaming. I can survive dangerous, unforeseen and confusing situations abroad OK, in spite of language barriers, so yes I do think I could manage to photocopy those few sheets and handle incoming calls. This is what my CV should read:

“Roaming, Homing Brit, 29, adept at surviving and coping more than admirably in many a stressful and confusing foreign experience and always managing to return home in more or less one piece. Can do admin.”

Though sadly that’s not what it seems to be about. And two bits of paper which don’t accurately sum up all the wealth of experiences I’ve had and potential I’ve got into the kind of slick, effective soundbites that recruiters seem to love, seem to permanently prohibit my advancement into jobdom.

Back to the proverbial fucking drawing board.


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